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Advance Adoption

November 15, 2005 permalink

Here is a case in which a mother fighting to get her children released by child protectors has found them listed on a pre-adoption website.

On May 16, 2001 Indiana child protectors took all ten children from homeschoolers Jon and Julia (Julie) Phillips of Frankfort Indiana. On April 10, 2003 their rights to the five youngest children were terminated. On October 24, 2003 three of the children participated in a public demonstration proclaiming their love for their foster mother, Janet Pillion. Given the control of the foster parents and social workers over the children, it is impossible to judge their sincerity.

Here is today's letter from Julia Phillips:



I was looking for something on the Access Indiana site and found my children on the adoption list! That makes my mother's heart bleed some more. However, I'm assuming since they are still on this list, they are not yet adopted out, which would make me feel better since we are still working on getting them home. If you open this url, scroll down to almost the bottom and you'll find Girl [3], Boy [5], Girl [7], Girl [9], Girl [11]. The case number or whatever is 3196ABCDEUBD

I will give you more details. This was evidently put on here a year and a half ago because their present ages are not current.

Girl [3] Charity Hope Phillips, now 4 1/2
Boy [5] Joel Edward Phillips, now 7
Girl [7] Elisabeth Grace Phillips, now 8
Girl [9] Rebekah Joanne Phillips, now 10
Girl [11] Hannah Faith Phillips, now 12

Their descriptions of them are accurate, although Joel was not diagnosed with Asberger's before he was kidnapped. Also Elisabeth did not have seizures while she was with us.

I wish someone would adopt them and then give them back to us!!!! Anyone brave enough to try? If anyone could check this out further for me, I'll be extremely thankful. I'm afraid to "meddle" for fear it will make matters worse for me.

It is really depressing, though, to think the State never wants me to see my kids again. I'll never give up the fight, though.

Keep praying!!!

In God's Grace, Julie

Here is what Indiana CPS says about the family, on their list of unidentifiable children (visible only with Internet Explorer).



Girl [3] Boy [5] Girl [7] Girl [9] Girl [11]
The youngest child is in preschool, she likes to do things with her hands and to talk and play. She is in good health. The boy is in Kindergarten and has a good memory. He has ASP Berger's, but is healthy. He often plays alone but does best with adults. He needs help with social issues. The 7 year old girl is has a severe mental disability, lack of verbal skills, but does smile, laughs, makes noises and reaches for objects. She has seizures and uses a wheel chair. The 9 year old girl is in the 3rd grade. She plays well with peers, but likes to be alone. She is good at sports, likes to read. She wears tubes in her ears for the last 2 years. The oldest child is in the 5th grade. She likes to interact with people, but doesn't like loud noises. She is autistic, has dental problems and poor circulation in her legs and feet. These children were removed from their home due to neglect. [3196ABCDEUBD] A specific family has been identified for this child.