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Mom Hides Kids from CAS

December 9, 2005 permalink

A shrewd mother has hidden her children from Toronto CCAS. Unless she gets help from a good lawyer, she may be behind bars soon.



Toronto Sun

December 8, 2005

Mom keeps girl in hiding

Spirited child away from police and children's aid


A mother who whisked her child away from under the noses of police officers at school Tuesday has refused to disclose her daughter's location to children's aid officials.

Jessica Arnold, 28, whom police listed as missing along with her 8-year-old daughter Lamonee "Layla" Arnold, came out of hiding yesterday and met with investigators and the Catholic Children's Aid Society.

But she refused to reveal where she's keeping her daughter and 4-month-old son.

Investigators believe the mother may have panicked after learning the Catholic Children's Aid Society planned to take Layla away.

The mother went to St. Kevin's Catholic School on Glen Murray Dr. near Pharmacy Ave. and Lawrence Ave. E. Tuesday, where she found police and CCAS already on the scene.

After a confrontation, Arnold slipped away undetected with her daughter over the lunch hour.

CCAS spokesman Anne Rappe declined to say what prompted the school's call to children's aid, citing confidentiality issues.

"We didn't find the meeting satisfactory. We asked for (Layla) to be in our care so we are proceeding with child welfare court," said Rappe.

Police said there are no charges, but the investigation is continuing.

Source: Toronto Sun