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Diaper's Ink Leads Day Care To Suspect Child Abuse

June 14, 2005 permalink

Ink rubbing off a diaper provokes a child abuse investigation.



Diaper's Ink Leads Day Care To Suspect Child Abuse

School Reports Parents After Finding Marks On Girl's Private Parts

POSTED: 10:54 am CDT June 14, 2005, UPDATED: 3:39 pm CDT June 14, 2005

HOUSTON -- A Houston-area mother wants a popular diaper brand to recall its product after the ink used on the diaper made her daughter's day care think she was being abused by her parents, the Local 2 Troubleshooters reported Monday in an exclusive story.

The mother said her daughter's day care turned her and her husband into Child Protective Services after finding what they thought were bruises on the girl's private parts.

"I fell to pieces. I couldn't imagine what they thought when they saw something like that," Jennifer Brock told Local 2. "My heart break turned to anger and confusion."

The bruises turned out to be blue ink from the child's Huggies Pull-Up Diapers fading onto her skin. The designs on the inside of the diaper -- stars outlined in purple ink -- were the culprit.

CPS cleared the Brocks of the abuse allegations but they told Local 2 that they still want something done about the problem.

"Personally, I think they should, at the very least, go public about it. The most courteous thing they can do is recall the product," the mother said.

"Something like this could be used as fuel to have parental rights terminated. It could get ugly real quick," father Kevin Brock said.

In a statement e-mailed to Jennifer Brock, Huggies said, "We are so sorry that the color from the training pants transferred to your daughter's skin. The cause of this issue, while rare, is under investigation."

Huggies said it has no plans to recall the diapers and that they are working to remedy the manufacturing problem.

The child's day care issued an apology to the Brocks but said they did the right thing by notifying the authorities of the situation.

CPS officials said they e-mailed all of their investigators, alerting them to the problem with the diapers.