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Ellis in Court

September 7, 2005 permalink

Aneurin Ellis has filed an affidavit in the court case in which CAS wants to have him jailed.

In August we reported that CAS denied membership to an applicant. We now have the reasons from the Children's Aid Society of Waterloo Region, denying membership to Patricia Ellis. They are: her husband Aneurin Ellis is of bad character owing to his legal wrangles with Children's Aid and his attempts to alert the public to CAS policies, and consequently they deem it unlikely that Patricia will support the goals of the society.


Do you think taxpayers unhappy with policies should have a voice in how their taxes are spent? Children's Aid doesn't.

The Children's Aid Society of Waterloo Region has denied membership to a mother on grounds that her husband is not of good character, and his views are not in accord with the goals of the society. This policy, necessary for private advocacy groups to avoid diluting their membership, now applies to spending of public funds as well.

The Children's Aid Society of Waterloo Region, spends $38 million per year of tax money. The members elect the directors, who in turn hire the management, which makes the operational decisions and policies. The membership policies deny critics a voice in spending.

CAS pretends to be a private charity, but that pretense is a sham. Charitable contributions are only $210 per year.

Addendum: On September 7 the court hearing resulted in a finding of contempt. As nearly as we can decode the judge's handwriting, the outcome is:

Sept 7/05

Mr Ellis is found in contempt. Order to go (illegible) he is to send a written unambiguous + unreserved retraction + apology to Mssrs Chalk, Ringrose + Boles by sending them the correspondence at their workplace + to notify the Children's Aid + Waterloo Regional Police Services within 15 days

Failure to do will result in a jail term of 30 days. (illegible sentence). Costs fixed at 3000.00 + GST.

/signed/ FEDAK, J.

In two legal actions, the Children's Aid Society has gouged ten thousand dollars out of this family. The result can only make conditions worse for the children they purport to protect.