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CAS nightmare in Hamilton

June 16, 2005 permalink

The following story of CAS mayhem in Hamilton was posted on June 14, 2005 to the AFRA website (link after article). Anyone seriously considering homeschooling children should first join the Home School Legal Defence Association, since they can offer quality protection against raids by CAS. In this case below, CAS has committed one of their common acts, stirring up animosity in a family that previously had worked out how to care for its own children. Eight policemen attending one unarmed parent beats our old record of five.



I would like to take this time to introduce myself. I am a single father with two children. My son is 11 years old and my granddaughter whom I have custody of is 6 years old. This nightmare is still going on and I want to bring it to light about the corruption in our CAS and the Police in our beautiful city ...

I have video and audio recordings of all the events that have taken place and I will upload a picture of what happened to my family.

On February 25, 2005 after I had been home schooling the children for six months a Hamilton CAS worker arrived at my door when my babysitter was there. The Hamilton Children's Aid worker left her business card and then left. She came back with 2 police officers and illegally entered my premises. There was another anonymous phone call that there was no hydro, no heat and no food. This was a lie. The children were on a sleepover for the weekend and I was moving to another address. The events leading up to the children's apprehension is a travesty and must be dealt with NOW.

On February 26, 2005 the next day, the after hours worker (did not get her name) arrived again with two police officers and demanded that the children are produced. They were still on a sleepover. I was moving. No longer was there an issue of no heat, no hydro or no food, it was safety concerns.

On March 4, 2005 I received a phone call from CAS. They asked if I would co-operate. The issue at hand at that time was the other address and I did not live there. I had moved and there was no reason for them to be involved if I was not there.

On March 8, 2005 8 police officers, and two CAS workers, arrived at the old house again. I did not live there. The police kicked in the door and the CAS workers walked throughout the house. When I arrived on the scene I entered the house through the back door and I went to the front door. I spoke with the police and ensured them that I did not live there and asked to see a copy of the warrant for them to kick down the door. They did not give me a copy at that time as they only had an original. The police officer did not hand me the copy he waved it in my face. I could not see who, what, why or how this was done. I told them I want to go to court and deal with this.

On March 9, 2005 I went down to the Family Court at 55 Main St. West and asked Duty Counsel how I could bring an action against Hamilton CAS and they said that I couldn't. I had to be given something in writing.

Having settled into the new apartment on March 11, 2005 the two children and went away for March Break for their yearly visit to their grandmothers house. They returned to my new address on March 17, 2005.

While reading through the court papers I found out that the CAS workers were at the other address on March 17th and March 21, 2005. Both times they came with the police and both times they left. I did not live there.

Police enter home
Police battering their way into the home.

On March 24, 2005 at approximately 1pm, two CAS workers and 8 policemen showed up at our old house. We did not live there. They used the swat team to ram the door in with a long battering ram. They did extensive damage to the doorknob, the mail slot and the door panels. They finally got in and searched the whole house, with the CAS workers in tow. They went around the back of the house and then decided to look in both apartments next door. They tried to get into the lower apartment but did not knock. They just checked the doorknob and then left the area. They went into the basement saw that it was locked and proceeded upstairs to the second floor apartment. They knocked and as there was no answer they proceeded to break down the back door. I went to the back door to find out about the commotion and one police officer; a woman stated you are illiterate. You can't read or write. I don't know where that statement came from; it just came out of the blue. 6 swat team members and two CAS workers stood in the kitchen of the upper apartment. They did not go past the kitchen sink. The CAS workers were not concerned about the apartment that the children and I lived in. CAS calls it an attic. It is a 3-bedroom apartment. They just wanted the children. The children were sitting in the living room and the two swat team members asked how old they were and what their names were. They told my friend to leave the room but she did not. My friend stood in the doorway. The SWAT team member asked the children what school they go to. They replied that my friend here home schools them. The CAS said that is why they are here. The children are not getting the proper education. I stated that I was not served anything to begin with. The CAS proceeded to give me a 200- page document with court papers he should have gotten the previous time they broke down the door. They have again used false allegations and innuendos to disrupt a family, who has chosen to home school their children. That is their crime.

On March 24, 2005 I contacted the Hamilton Children's Aid office to ask if I could see the children. It was Easter weekend. CAS stated that I would have to take it up with the courts to see my children. They could not supervise me on the weekend.

On March 29, 2005 I spoke with CAS again. I asked if I could see the children again. She stated again I would have to take it up with the courts.

On March 30, 2005 I spoke with my daughter She stated to me in person that she had spoken to the CAS and that she had delivered Easter baskets to them on March 24, 2005. She stated that CAS will not work with us and we have pulled the last straw with her and she will not co-operate with us. My daughter stated to us that she would be at court to support us getting the children back.

On April 1, 2005 I attended court with my friend and saw my daughter at the courthouse. She would not support me in getting the children. She was putting in a plan of care to get both children. We would have to fight it out. She sat with CAS and they went into the courtroom together. She was added as a party as the youngest child's biological mother and four people were added as having visitation for the children. The biological mother and friend accompanying her and with a friend accompanying me. THIS WAS A COURT ORDER. Judge Genesee stated that she would be the head judge in these proceeding without prejudice. This meant that we could bring it before any judge before the next court date to get temporary custody of the children.

On April 1, 2005 after court was over I spoke with CAS in regards to my first visit. She stated Tuesday April 5, 2005 at 4:30pm.

On April 5, 2005 I called The CAS to verify the meeting at 4:30pm and they stated that I didn't call fast enough and that they gave the first visit to my daughter. We would have to wait until April 6, 2005 at 4:30pm.

On April 6, 2005 we arrived at the Children's Aid office at approximately 4:25pm. The children were not there for the visit. We waited over 1/2 an hour before the children arrived at 5:05pm. We saw the children and the first thing out of the youngest child's mouth was I am moving with my mommy and the boy is moving in with his brother. Throughout our hour and a half we talked with the kids and played with them. This was under the supervision of CAS and her assistant. Everything we said they wrote down. After about an hour the oldest boy stated that he had talked to his brother. I asked him how and he stated: THAT HE CAME WITH HIS SISTER ON THE VISIT LAST NIGHT. After the visit was over I asked the CAS worker how come the Children's Aid Society had disobeyed a court order. She said take it up with the courts. The court order says four people not 5 or 10.

The CAS' mission statement states that they must protect the autonomy, integrity and cultural diversity of the family. The ultimate goal is to reunite this family together.

Not once has the worker stated that she will come to visit me and discuss the Plan of Care that I presented to the Courts. The Children's Aid Society has stated in court that they will discuss and work with my daughter and her Plan of Care that is presented.

The CAS has deliberately torn apart this family and all we want from the Society is CO-OPERATION. CAS is biased in their opinions using the Police force to remove children from an address they did not live in, in Hamilton. The CAS worker and the Police force put the children at risk by taking them out of their new apartment and out the back door knowing there was a front entrance. They walked them through the yard, past the damage that the SWAT or tactical unit did to the door. That is psychological trauma that will remain in this children's mind forever.

And to suggest that they not go home where they have been raised for the past 4 years. They must go to two other family members that did not care before for the welfare of these children. As court papers prove these facts.

Source: AFRA yahoo group

Addendum: For later developments in this story, refer to Paige Margaret.