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Brantford Charity Helps Needy Family

September 17, 2005 permalink

Here is a first person report from a family helped by the benevolence of the Children's Aid Society. It is in the father's words, subject only to a few editing changes to clarify grammar.



I am writing to you because our family here in Brantford is fed up with the local SS group -- I mean the Children's Aid Society of Brantford. For 12 years off and on they have harassed us every time we tried to get our children the help recommended by schools. The CAS comes in and interferes with any progress we have worked on with the children. My wife Diane has done a tremendous job of getting the children the help they needed but the last two years have been the worst from the CAS.

In December 2003 my son attacked me and was trying to get something out of the silverware drawer. I stopped him but he punched me a couple of times before I could turn to him. I was arrested for assault that night and told I could not go home.

While I was living with my parents I took groceries paid the rent and utilities and helped my wife out as best as I could while being under a court order not to go home. Then my son took his rage out on our oldest daughter and severely injured her and threatened my wife Diane. Diane had several times gone to the Attorney General to get the charges dropped but they refused.

I found a new place to live with our daughters because there was not enough room at my parents'. My mother helped Nancy with her injuries and I had to go to court. My lawyer forced me to plead guilty for something I did not do and CAS put me on the registry for child assault.

Diane and I were left with no choice but to have our son Henry removed from the house because he was like a time bomb and we could not trust him any more for his actions. Diane and I had tried for years to get him help but we were interfered with by the CAS every time we made headway with him.

So now this new witch hunt. In January 2005 the CAS got involved with our oldest daughter Nancy. She was skipping school at BCI and my wife Diane found out about it half way though her school year. We grounded her for it and I went to work. Then Diane called me at work saying that Nancy had run away from home. Diane called the police. We did not know that when you call the police on a runaway the CAS is automatically involved. So when we got Nancy back home Mike Kasurak the CAS worker said that there were no safety issues at the home and he was going to close the case but told me that I should spend more time with the girls.

The following month Maria our youngest daughter did not return from school and Diane and I got worried that something had happened to her. I was just going up to the school when the phone rang and it was the CAS worker Mike Kasurak saying that he had Maria and he would be over with her in 15 minutes. An hour went by and Mike Kasurak finally showed up with 2 Brantford Police officers and said we did something bad to Maria. Diane and I had no idea what he was talking about and we were told we could not have our daughters returned home. Diane and I finally found out that I was accused of sexually touching our daughter Maria at Christmas time which I could not figure out because Maria is a little chatter box. If that happened she would have told someone in our family. Also, there were 17 witnesses that night.

Then Diane and I found out that during an interview with Mike Kasurak at BCI Nancy had her top unzipped by Mike Kasurak so he could see the tattoo on her breast. We told CAS but they ignored it.

So now to date our family is 20 thousand dollars in debt from this witch hunt and we still can not have Maria back from CAS. Diane and I have got Nancy cleaned up from the drug abuse and the hell she went through in foster care. They have taken Mike Kasurak off our case and put Danilla Turco in charge but the lies on court documents and the witch hunt continues.

So we are now searching for advice on how to go about dealing with the situation of having our daughter Maria returned to us. The reason we are stating that she should be returned to us is because the conclusion of the police investigation was that there was no evidence that there should be charges against Maria's father Mike Lund. My wife Diane Lund is saying that she has gone through enough and is tired of fighting CAS when there is no reason because of the result of the police investigation. As well l have dealt with a few scares of my wife having two nervous break downs and an attempt to commit suicide.

So I wish that someone could help our family before our family has a final separation and we no longer are together as a one unit family, as we should be and were before CAS came into our lives twelve years ago. Also unless we can get rid of them we will always worry about what else they may come up with to tear our family apart. Mike Lund, Diane Lund, Henry Lund, Nancy Lund, and Maria Lund.


The Lund Family
Mike Lund

Brantford, Ontario
(postal code)
(519) (phone)

Addendum: September 22, 2005. This story was posted in response to a request from the author for assistance in publicizing his case. Children's Aid has made no objection to Dufferin VOCA, but they have threatened the author with prosecution. They did not object to being tagged as "the local SS group", only the disclosure of the names of the family. To keep this family out of trouble we have changed the family names to pseudonyms and removed the author's street address. You can send him mail at the email address shown. The name of the social worker is as in the original request. Though we will not post the family name and address publicly, you can get them privately from Dufferin VOCA at our email address on our home page.