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Anne's Father in Collingwood Court

June 27, 2005 permalink

Anne's father, whose hearing for contempt on June 20 in Barrie was disrupted by Canada Court Watch, will be in court again in Collingwood on June 30. Canada Court Watch plans more activity in this case, and all supporters of Anne are invited to participate. The court house is at 49 Huron Street. We will keep you informed of further plans with an addendum to this note.

Addendum: An announcement from Canada Court Watch follows. For the event to be successful, participants must distribute flyers before court begins, so we suggest arriving at Collingwood at 8:30 am Thursday June 30. You can also look here for Anne's whole story.



Dear Readers

We are looking for a number of volunteers who can help us to monitor the court and to distribute flyers this coming Thursday morning in Collingwood. Archbishop Baxter is scheduled to appear in the court. We will be getting together afterwards and lunch will be provided to all those who help. We are supporting the 13 year-old girl who has been in hiding from CAS for over 5 months.

This girl is standing up for justice and has sacrificed her personal life for the cause. Please show this girl that we support her by giving some of your time this Thursday to help get the message out to the people of Collingwood.

If you want to help then send a message to

You can read some of this girl's letters on the court watch website at