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Police Hunt for Tape

June 23, 2005 permalink

Police and Children's Aid in Brantford are following a 21-year-old woman suspected of being the source of the recording recently deleted from Dufferin VOCA. Children's Aid has opened investigations into the families of two friends with whom she stayed near the time of the recording. In other parts of Ontario CAS has used its powers to suppress dissent, the same may be happening in Brant. The woman herself checked into a hospital with stress and was medicated. While groggy from the medication, she was induced to sign a document. After regaining her faculties, she was able to see, but not keep, a copy and found it to be a consent to disclose her medical records to Children's Aid. Today, a Brantford police officer found her. She was not arrested, but the officer tried to find out where the original tape was located so he could take it. It is not known what on the tape justifies this much effort at suppression.