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Michigan Girl Drugged by Force

July 7, 2005 permalink

A Michigan television station, WILX Lansing/Jackson, did two reports on a five-year-old girl, Mary Schneider, afflicted with an auto-immune disease. When her parents, Andy and Jamie Schneider, decided not to use a prescribed drug because of side-effects, Michigan DHS gave her two drugs by force. DHS quickly retreated once the parents intervened in court, and all record of ordering the treatment has disappeared.

This is not the usual kind of family that DHS can push around. Clients sue child protectors regularly, and the suits end as soon as the agencies plead their legal immunity. This family can afford the best in legal representation, and may come up with a legal theory that works to reduce the intrusiveness of child protectors. A successful theory might even spread across the border into Canada.

The following news summary from WILX and email from Nancy Luckhurst describe the situation.



Fight Finished Over Mary's Medicine

Heath Care For Child Dispute

Nick LaFave

Mary was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis last year. A U of M specialist prescribed prednisone and methotrexate. Once Mary's parents learned of the potential side-effects of methotrexate, they consulted other doctors and took her off the drug.

The Department of Human Services was informed and obtained a court order forcing Mary into the hospital. On June 25, Mary was given a dosage of methotrexate, and three dosages of prednisone without her parents permission.

At a court hearing June 30, no one would admit to giving the order to administer those drugs.

A court order, dated June 24 gave the DHS authority to consent to interim medical treatment for the girl.

The family believes the Clinton County Court overstepped it's bounds by issuing both the order to send Mary to the hospital - because they say she was in no imminent danger... and the order giving DHS medical authority.

Both orders have now been dismissed. Mary is now under the supervision of another specialist from Kalamazoo.

Schneider family attorney Antoinette Frazho says the hospital staff acted appropriately, only administering drugs when they were under court order to do so.

Source: WILX



I e-mailed WILX and asked them to please give my phone number to the Schneiders and let them know the Foundation would be interested in talking to them and that we felt they should get in touch with Sheen as well as their Rep and make arrangements to testify before the House Standing committee.

Well about an hour later I got a phone call from a man by the name of Russ Winchel. Mr Winchel is a Private Detective who works for the Schneiders high powered attorneys. He and I had a wonderful conversation. It seems it didn't take these attorneys long or him long to figure out DHS has a serious problem with controling workers. And that the Schneiders are not the only people who have been run over by DHS. And that DHS likes to screw with the good loving families and leave the ones who actually do abuse their kids alone because they are afraid to go in and mess with the real abusers.

Are you getting the picture yet? He would like some other really good Michgan cases to look at. So I told him I think we can accomodate him. He told me the Schneiders are ready to take this right to the wall against DHS. And they really really want to see Judge Lisa Sullivan standing on a street corner selling pencils for a living. They are pissed and don't plan to get over it. I don't know what the plan is but I am thinking we could be looking at another class action law suit that is going to be handled by some really big boys. They have made up their mind they are going to put an end to this kind of Government abuse. Oh and to let you know Russ said their case has completely gone away and they are no longer in any danger from DHS and they are no longer taking their child to U of M. They have a specialist in Kalamazoo who is now handling their daughters case. And it is true that they can find no one what so ever who authorized the procedure to be done on this child. Sure would hate to be the person who did it.

Anyone want to take odds on how that child's chart got changed? Cause the order to do the procedure had to be ordered by some Dr in that Hospital in order for it to get done. It is going to suck to be U of M and Sparrow Hospital as I see it. And I am not thinking Marianne Udow is going to have some sleepless nights along the way too. But hey no one wanted to listen to little ole us did they?????????


So guys I need some cases besides the ones I have personaly. Please put your cases together if you want them presented and send them to me or Randy matters not which one of us but WE must be able to confirm your case before turning it over to the Detective. And you must be able to gel it down to a 3 page synopsis with a few pages of documentation to prove it. So get your poop in a group kids we are going to get this job done.


Source: AFRA