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Controlled News Conference

July 28, 2005 permalink

Mary Anne Chambers, Minister of Children and Youth Services, announced new programs for children today.

As is customary in these situations, taking money from parents and giving it to social service agencies was characterized as beneficial to children. Among the more worrisome measures are one to provide universal screen of newborns. Screening for pathologies is beneficial, but the same screening can be used to justify removing children from their parents. From the release:

First screening of consenting mothers and their newborns at the hospital is followed by a phone call within 48 hours of discharge from the hospital.

CAS now gets consent from parents by threatening to take away their children in the alternative. Will they now do that to all mothers? Another mandatory screen will occur at 18 months of age.

Karol Karolak attempted to attend the news conference as a reporter for Canada Court Watch. Since his native language is Polish, we have slightly edited his comments for grammar and spelling.



Today I went to a press conference held by Children and Youth Services Minister Mary Anne Chambers at the Rose Avenue Day Care Centre in Rose Avenue Junior Public School. I grew up in a communist country and remember well the manipulation of media by the state and the feeding out of politically correct information. But even the communists took care of appearances and handed out press releases after event took place. Today's event was a time warp as I got the press release at the door before press conference started and it revealed what had been said before they actually said it. It seemed as if I was listening to tape recorders disguised as people.

It was like in good old commie days. A man in a dark suit at the door was checking who gets in, to prevent provocateurs from spoiling the show.

He spotted me immediately and asked me if I was from the press. I told him yes.

I got in with flyers in my hand, a few minutes later the man in the dark suit was back at me with a piece of paper asking me to sign in. I signed my name and wrote CourtWatch for the news organization. Another ten minutes and the man in black was back asking me what kind of news organization CourtWatch is, as he had never heard of it. I told him that it is internet based. Then he moved on to the main subject on his agenda -- getting me out of this conference -- and asked me to step outside of the room. We walked out and in a hallway I gave him few sets of flyers. A woman joined us and I gave her a few sets of flyers as well and told her that it is not my intention to rain on their parade but if they are not going to stop child trafficking by Giesbrecht and his buddies, next time I just might start asking the Minister some very inconvenient questions and embarrass them publicly.

The man in black walked me out of the building and we continued our conversation on a school playground. He assured me that my flyers will be delivered to the proper people.

This was a time warp. I remember in communist Poland having an almost identical encounter with the Polish Secret Service when I was walked out of the "pre election" meeting for asking a very innocent question about the electoral process. That encounter was the beginning of my eventually quite thick file with Polish Secret Police.

Karol Karolak P. Eng.