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No Retrial for VandenElsen

July 13, 2005 permalink

Before the Halifax standoff, Carline VandenElsen was acquitted by a jury on charges of kidnaping her own triplets and taking them to Mexico. The crown has now abandoned efforts to try her a second time on the same charges. It is unlikely that the concerns of Craig Merkley, cited by the crown, have much to do with the decision, since in other areas of family law, the courts show no sensitivity to fathers. More likely, the crown would have to face now twelve-year-old witnesses saying that they love their mother. Unfavorable press coverage was another problem - there is a large amount of coverage in Nova Scotia (though not in Ontario) and a half-dozen websites dealing with the case.

André Lefebvre, who was present at the hearing, posted a copy of the crown's motion on his newsblog.