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FIA/DHS Opponent Sued

August 7, 2005 permalink

Pastor Randy Blair and his lawyer Janet M Frederick have for years opposed Michigan child protectors, who in response to criticism recently changed their name from Family Independence Agency (FIA) to Department of Human Services (DHS). Now a target of Mr Blair's criticism is suing him. The item in controversy appears to have been removed from the website. [ Pastor Blair points that this statement is incorrect, the website is unchanged ]. What is left of the Enemies of Children page urges readers not to harm those named, but to pray for them.



06 AUG 2005 - An Oakland County Attorney, Jeffrey S. Sherbow, of the Law Offices of Sherbow & Mitchell, P.C. in Pleasant Ridge, is suing Pastor Randy Blair, an activist and President of Michigan victims of CPS. Named also in the lawsuit as defendants are "all agents, members, board members, trustees, attorneys, employees, and those persons in active concert or participation with them."

Mr. Sherbow alleges that Blair and Michigan victims of CPS "used personal information about [him], listing his home as an address of an "enemy of children", and/or advocating that action be taken against him." This, allegedly, was on the website, which serves at the primary information center for Blair's activist group, which advocates on behalf of families who have been falsely accused of child abuse or neglect and children who are abused in state care.

He is seeking an excess of $25,000 in damages as a result of his "extreme mental anguish, mental concern and a loss of personal mental solicitude" and "extreme stress, anxiety, humiliation, inconvenience, and psychiatric disabilities." He alleges that "Wanted" posters of Judge Cheryl Matthews contained information that would incite violence on his person or home as a result of a concerted, organized effort by Michigan victims of CPS.

Pastor Blair, who had never even heard of the plaintiff before the 6th of August said, "This goes beyond the bounds of frivolity, and is nothing more than an attempt to silence the group's First Amendment Rights, and hinder our activism for the children and families of Michigan. Our, always nonviolent, activist efforts will remain unfettered by this trifling inconvenience. It is our sincere expectation that Judge Sosnick will throw this frivolous lawsuit out of his courtroom, and perhaps order the plaintiff to get back on his meds. Regardless, Sherbow certainly will be in our prayers."

An August 24th Hearing is scheduled at 8:30am before Judge Sosnick at the Oakland County Circuit Court. Blair will be represented by Janet M. Frederick, Esq., known for her staunch defense of falsely accused parents in several states, who is also a party in this lawsuit. Sherbow is represented by Elaine R. Carlis, of Sherbow & Mitchell.

Pastor Blair can be contacted at (248) 618-7937. Email:

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Randy Blair (248) 618-7937 Fax - (831) 855-9108
Director - Christ-Centered Family Rejuvenation Center -
President - Michigan victims of CPS PAC -
J.A.I.L. Warden - Oakland County MI-

Source: AFRA email