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Call to Moles

August 4, 2005 permalink

Here is a call to CAS moles from AFRA. We know you are watching, because you send the police promptly when you object.



Dear Leonard,

My children were removed from my custody because the school called in a report that my son was extremely ill and I refused to take him to the hospital. I told them I called our pediatrician's office and described the symptoms and was told it was a virus going around and not to bring him in. My other son and I were suffering from the same symptoms.

The DCF worker removed both of my children. She had him taken to the hospital. He was released first thing the next morning with a clean bill of health. It has been 16 months and I have not gotten my children back. Also, no efforts to avoid removal were made, no services were offered. At my trial those details were not mentioned.

I guess there is nothing I can do about it. --Anna

What do you think I should tell Anna? Especially considering that she has it figured out already?? If we had a system that operated on truth and facts, there wouldn't be a justice problem, would there? Or would you rather just blow her off and assume that she isn't telling the truth? This is what we deal with every day with this incompetent and evil system. I don't want to hear from the choir. I want to hear from the smart-aleck CPS moles and pro-system operatives that visit this site to "scope out the enemy" and the politician's aides who were sent here to see if we are a bona-fide organization or a crazed bunch of radicals. The AFRA CEO wants to hear from YOU I will publish any and all replies in an "Advice to Anna" page.

Please forward widely.