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Queen's Park Rally

May 24, 2005 permalink

The following news report comes from Canada Court Watch. The mainstream press imposed a total blackout on this news item.



Thousands of Canadians rally at Queen's Park in support of traditional marriage and family values

By Mike March - Social Justice reporter

Thousands of everyday Canadians, young and old and from almost every walk of daily life and cultural group congregated at Queen's Park on holiday Monday to demonstrate in support for traditional marriage and family values.

Queens Park Rally against same-sex marriage
Thousands of people swelled the grounds at Queen's Park demanding that the Canadian government start listening to the wishes of the people of Canada

The massive show from the public was fueled by the recent passing of Bill C-38 by the Liberal government as well as the recent exposure of government corruption within some high ranking members of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The government's Bill C-38 was intended to allow gays and lesbians to marry persons of the same sex and to force the will of the minority, special interest, gay and lesbian groups upon the majority the people of Canada.

Leaders of all major religions and cultural groups spoke about how the principles of democracy have been ignored by the Canadian government in this issue.

Speakers spoke of how the government committee which had been set up to study the issue was stacked in favour of those who support the gay and lesbian agenda. Well established organizations such as the Knights of Columbus with over 70,000 members were not invited to be a part of the committee process.

When it came to support of the traditional definition of marriage there was full agreement from representatives all major cultural groups, including Christian, Jewish and Moslem that legalizing same sex marriage was wrong and the way in which the courts are imposing this minority view on the majority of the people of Canada, clearly is a violation of the principles of democracy.

Most citizens in the crowd said that they were fed up with the Liberal Party and its policies which they felt were undermining the very foundations upon which the nation of Canada was built. Many said the family unit was the foundation for Canadian Society.

Although a very small, ragtag group of gay and lesbians were gathered at the southern end of Queen's Park waiving rainbow flags, they were hardly visible amidst the throngs of mainstream Canadians who had come to Queen's Park in support of the traditional definition of marriage.

Queens Park Rally against same-sex marriage
Many demonstrators in the crowd demanded that the government be brought down in light of recent corruption and scandals in the upper levels of the governing Liberal Party of Canada.

Source: Canada Court Watch