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Police Surround Family

May 13, 2005 permalink

For followers of Children's Aid, the following case is nothing unusual. The family reports that they are still together, and have not been served with legal process, so it is legal to report the full story with names.



Would you report on our story?

We are a family that has been continuously persecuted by the CAS with the help of the armed Waterloo Regional Police Service.

On April 25, 2005 we requested that Superintendent Kevin Chalk of the Waterloo Regional Police Service and President of the CAS Board of Directors assist us with a meeting with the Board to discus the cowardice crimes (fraud, forgery, perjury, coercion of a child, destruction of evidence and kidnapping) committed against us.

On May 3, 2005 our home was surrounded by 3 armed police and a CAS officer. The road was blocked-off and they entered our home to question Aneurin over an accidental fingernail scratch on our sons head. We have no criminal record, no criminal charges, no mental illness, no alcohol or drug addictions, and neither of us smoke tobacco or marijuana. It would appear that our only crime is that we are black, with children and choose to protect them from the criminal CAS.

We believe that a lot of people in our great country are starting to see a likeness between the CAS and the Nazi SS of the 1930's.

Aneurin & Patricia Ellis we live in Canada our Phone number is 519 569 8693