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Chartier Back in Canada

May 15, 2005 permalink

A woman who fled Canada with her children in March is back in Canada. The news is sketchy on details of how she was returned, but it likely was in handcuffs. Here is the bulletin from CFRA in Ottawa:



Mother Accused of Kidnapping Children Back in Canada

Josh Pringle, Sunday, May 15, 2005

An Ottawa mother accused of kidnapping her four children and taking them to Sweden is back in the Capital.

The Foreign Affairs Department says Marie-Emilie Chartier was returned on Friday to Canadian authorities.

Ottawa Police will not confirm whether Chartier is in custody.

Foreign Affairs says the four children will be arriving back in Canada later this week.

Source: CFRA website

Addendum: Here is a comment on the case, also dated May 15, 2005:



The Ottawa Citizen wrote about this story, and the fact of the matter is that this mother had her kids under the CAS authority for an unknown reason, although it is stated that she was NOT abusive to her kids. The article went on to suggest that she was fleeing an abusive ex-husband and that the kids were under the CAS authority at her mother's, (the kids grandmother's) house.

As executive Director of the Foster Care Council of Canada, I would like to make it known that the mother was merely protecting her children from the threats of her husband, and is not a criminal. I suspect that the mother of the four children, who is a former teacher, knows very well the authority and power of the CAS, and had reason to believe that her ability to maintain contact with her children was being threatened by the CAS and she fled.

As a non-abusive mother, she needs as much support as possible, to maintain the ties between her children and herself, not be charged with a criminal offense for being a loving mother.

Please forward this message on to whom ever you can, and contact the Ottawa Children's Aid Society to demand that this mother maintain contact with her children no matter what. This woman should not be punished.

You can email the Ottawa CAS or phone them at the information below:
1-613-747-7800 (Ask For Executive Director)
Fax: 1-613-747-4540

You can also contact the Minister of Children and Youth Services to ask her if this mother deserves to lose contact with her children for trying to protect them. Please send us the response if you get one from the Ministry.

Minister of Children and Youth Services:

John Dunn
The Foster Care Council of Canada