$71 per day

Pat Niagara

CAS Magazine, Pat Niagara

Adolescent social worker

Leonard Henderson

Family Tree Stumps, Leonard Henderson


CPS Process Flowchart, abuselaws.com

Marlboro ad

Phillip Morris ad

Ivory soap

Sanders Lyn & Ragonetti

Was His, Sanders Lyn & Ragonetti


Four Days a Month, ACFC

Illinois billboard.

Father's Day


Pat Niagara

Social Work for Dummies, Pat Niagara

Cover for Canadian edition of the classic Social Work for Dummies.Click link for larger image.

Why governments love feminism

From an essay Why Governments Love Feminism by Angry Harry

Help Me!!! Mommy!

Pervert's Pumpkin Patch


Escape from foster care

Child escapes from foster care

Stupid Cookie

Columbus anti-abortion rally

Signs at an anti-abortion rally in Columbus Ohio, October 7, 2008, show that abortion opponents can also be supporters of the family services juggernaut.


Stop false accusations, www.cafepress.com/gogo_kid

One of a line of postcards and T-shirts dealing with child protection.