CAS St Thomas humiliated

The CAS office in St Thomas Ontario suffers the ultimate humiliation.

police surround toddler

We don't know where this picture was taken, so we can't say whether police are diligently protecting a child, or cocking their tasers to guard against a threat to the peace.

Chad Wells

McQuaid Road, Chad Wells

Sharbot Lake has the most CAS-unfriendly place in Ontario


Linda Prosh

Welcome to Dufferin County: Human rights abuse capital of Canada, Linda Prosh

Linda Prosh

Caution: CAS worker ahead, Linda Prosh


California dream

CAS / Bin Laden

Signs at Aylmer Ontario demonstration.

Children's Aid mouse pad

This mouse pad commemorating CAS is for sale by caf├ępress.

Legally Kidnapped

button, Legally Kidnapped

Legally Kidnapped button. A line of legally kidnapped products is available from caf├ępress.


A social worker humiliates a client.

parodies of christmas songs

This spoof published in the quarterly magazine Marooned had to be withdrawn after readers did not get it.

shell game

Game for practicing social worker skills.

Amanda James-Faulkner

Amanda James-Faulkner, Amanda James-Faulkner

A Florida DCFS worker, leaving the home of Amanda James-Faulkner on December 30, 2003, finds her to be a pain in the butt.

Runic SS

Logo for Social Services.

Daily Mail (UK)

Marine SS, Daily Mail (UK)

The Marine Corps today confirmed one of its scout sniper teams posed in front of the notorious flag in September 2010 in Sangin province but insisted the issue has since been addressed internally. (published February 9, 2012).

Baby's Opinion

Baby expresses opinion of social worker.

Charles Devlin

Glitter Smuggles Asian Child, Charles Devlin

Scottish social worker Charles Devlin was suspended for life for posting this picture of British pop star and pedophile Gary Glitter smuggling a baby through customs.