Eliza Gauger

Mommy Liberty, Eliza Gauger

A response to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, but applicable as well to a political system that dissolves families.

A teenager abused in foster care sent this cartoon to Vernon Beck. Click for larger image.

sexual coercion

Based on the real-life cases of Brandon Ware, Eric M Ferber, William Williams, Raymond Mancuso, Egbert Elijah Hall, Christopher Hardman, Peter Nelsen, Eddie Lorghaba, Jason Keough, Christopher Scott Winkler, Mervin Span, Scott Ogden, Shaun Stanley, Andrew Thomas and Peter Fergus.

CPS caseworker

social worker luxury

social worker eating junk food

job with no responsibility


Foster Graduates

foster parent recruiting

Donald Duck defends nephews

Double-blind trial

Based on a real-life drug testing program in New York.


social wokrer on the job

nose thumbing

Court order? What court order?


social worker inspecting home

hoop jumping

parent jumping hoops for social workers

mountie with taser


old woman who lived in a shoe

boy spanked


mother defending baby

boy pees on DCYF

family targeted

Inside Family Court

Rat on Parents

Child interview

Wendy Babcock

Easter Grinch, Wendy Babcock

CAS worker Donna Lennon, the Easter Grinch, takes candy from a baby

quack doctor with cat

medical expert testifying for shaken baby syndrome

toddler handcuffed

lawyer with vulture shadow

I want my mommy and daddy

haughty attitude

parent gagged

entrance to hell

social worker hiring

home birth

dirty books


Garfield magician

meeting in progress

the miser

mother and boy


ostrich with head in sand

piper lures children


medical quack



granny with shotgun

shredding by the truckload

shredding secrets

girl chained in fire


fabricating evidence

stood up

stork bringing twins



Trojan computer

Crown vs teenager

Daarth Vader

Nurse with baby

Legally Kidnapped

Sonya the social worker, Legally Kidnapped

Paper Orphan

Dan Berger

Mind Wipe, Dan Berger

Mike Adams / Dan Berger

HPV vaccine, Mike Adams / Dan Berger


Holy Child Abuse

Manifesto Club

CRB for Jesus, Manifesto Club

CRB is a British acronym for Criminal Records Bureau

James Thomas

Squabble, James Thomas

Bug Off

One way to deal with CAS.